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It would be just another ordinary day in SIBM Pune if I hadn’t met my friend, who made me understand the situation of farmers who toil a lot but still, the yield depends on several factors. We met several farmers and heard about their problems. We were astonished to hear about the factors affecting the yield and the methods farmers follow in agriculture. 

We analyzed the reasons for the shortage of resources and also researched ways to improve the yield. We found out that a small bee can help many farmers improve the quality and quantity of their products. The bees help in cross-pollination by which the reproduction in plants will happen at a better rate. This research has paved the way for me to start the first step in establishing the company.

After completing college, I returned to Hyderabad, where I met my school friend working in organic farming. It was at that time he introduced me to one of his friends who has established the organization “Ojas Natural farming” and is working on producing organic products. We have collaborated with them for the production of honey. By setting up our bee hives, we extracted pure multi-flower honey, then expanded to set up the bee hives for honey production.

Now we have expanded to several areas across the states of Andhra and Telangana and provide cross-pollination services to help farmers improve their production. 

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